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Thursday, January 10, 2008

This Blog Is Out of Service....

.....for the time being.

I'll be by your blogs once in a while. As far as excuses go, well, mostly school. I made it through statistics, but I'm still ass deep in Finance, IT, and now Cost Management.

Oh, and my wife is 5 months pregnant.

Did I mention I work full time too?

Honestly, I don't see myself blogging much for quite some time.

I really enjoyed it while it lasted.

Take care,




  • Mike,

    Congrats on becoming a parent and good job here. Say not "adieu" but merely "Au revoir."


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:51 PM  


    Beyond your posts, this is a meeting place for many folks and value to us all. Get someone like Tony Slokov to help w/posts here. He's a good writer, appears not to have a blog of his own, and shares your values more or less.

    By Blogger Lysander Cadwalader, at 12:28 AM  

  • congrats on the baby

    By Blogger Graeme, at 8:29 PM  

  • Keep the blog active. When the baby comes and keeps you up at night, you might want to have something to do. ;-)

    Good luck with all you have going on.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:33 PM  

  • Thanks guys.

    I'll consider just throwing up a random question once in a while to see if a discussion ensues.

    If Tony is interested.....

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 9:48 PM  

  • I'll miss your posts, Mike, but I will check back now and again to see if you cave. Congratulations on the impending arrival! Good luck with your endeavors.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:07 AM  

  • Congrats, and good luck with everything.

    Who Hijacked Our Country

    By Blogger Tom Harper, at 2:25 AM  

  • Most of this is happy news, especially with a young one on the way! Good luck with the tough classes, and I hope to see an occasional post!

    By Blogger Publia, at 2:30 AM  

  • Oh No. Just when I finally figured out what was wrong with your link. All this time I thought you weren't blogging and it was because I had a archived post instead of the URL. I just fixed it. You can't quit now.

    By Blogger Libby Spencer, at 10:59 PM  

  • You did great. Our Prague trip is moved back to Spring, 2009. Let me know how to get in touch with you before that, if you will. I'll miss visiting here. Congratulations and best of luck.

    By Blogger Roger Fraley, at 6:24 AM  

  • Your life is really full right now! Congratulations. Please update us when the little one arrives.

    By Blogger Kathy, at 12:45 AM  

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