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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Lately there has been significant chatter on the Milblogs about how unfair the reporting on Iraq is. The authors encourage their readers to get the "real story" about what is going on from, well, them. They contest that positive stories should be run in the media, but if the media won't run them, they (the Milbloggers) will fill in the gaps in reporting.

Now, I am about as ready as anyone to hear a positive story out of Iraq. The constant stream of stories about bombings, kidnappings, and murders is not only depressing, but it has become monotonous. So I thought I would go through Hugh Hewitt's list of Milblogs to see what I could find.

Austin Bay ran an article praising Ralph Peter's reporting on Iraq. He pointed out that "slum-dwellers" are getting running water and sewage treatment for the first time. He also claims the electrical system is improving citing a 5,300 Megawatt production level which is more than what was produced under Saddam. Positive? Certainly. Backed up by any anecdotal evidence or references (things we usually associate with news)? No. Austin, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Belmont Club pointed out the declining troop casualties and movement of the insurgency back to Baghdad. It was noted that the smaller cities are much more secure than last year, but the situation in Baghdad is getting worse. So not so much improvement as a change of venue here.

Counterterroism Blog is running the story of Jill Carroll's release. The media are covering this as well. I guess this story runs counter to the theory that the media only report on the negative aspects.

Michael Yon asserts there is a civil war, and that this is just part of the process of becoming a democracy. He has been calling it a civil war for nearly a year now, and I think he is pretty proud of himself for being so early in the game. Not exactly positive.

In general, most of the blogs were outdated (like this one), and for every mention of anything remotely positive, there were two entries refuting the Berkely study that contends whiney babies grow up to be conservatives.

The Berkely student's findings aside, for all of the whining about unfair reporting and declarations that the "real story" would be told by the Milbloggers, at the end of the day, I was left with very little positive information.

So now it is my turn to whine...

"Could someone, anyone, please write a positive story about Iraq. Something that can pass as news, and can bring a smile to my face. Honestly, I would really appreciate it. Thanks."


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