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Friday, April 28, 2006

Pushing it.

I am generally sensitive to the plight of illegal immigrants, having been one myself at one point. However, I would have never dreamed of doing something like this.

Members of the Minuteman Project suggest this could backfire, and I don't doubt that it will.

However, this does highlight how incredibly out of control this problem has become. It has been ignored too long. Now it is hard to imagine a peaceful solution. This could get ugly.


  • This is truly a divisive issue and if not resolved in the near future, could really lead to chaos.

    I don't know who is advising and strategizing for these illegal immigrants, but whoever that person is should be fired. Waving Mexican flags, singing the national anthem in Spanish, claiming you have a "right" to live in the U.S. because you feel like it, and going on "strike" is just going to backfire. The funny thing is, since none of these people can vote, who are they kidding? They can turn out millions in the streets, but that isn't going to mean the politicians will listen; they listen to two things--votes and money. And as for big business-the last thing they want is immigration reform with amnesty, because if the illegals are no longer illegal, then they won't be so easily exploited.

    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 12:30 AM  

  • I suspect it will get very ugly. America has allowed itself to be invaded, and now we're all going to have to pay the price.

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 10:57 AM  

  • Elizabeth,

    "The funny thing is, since none of these people can vote, who are they kidding?"

    Unfortunately, illegally immigrants do vote...illegally. Not all of them, but some of them. We've had that problem in Wisconsin. I can't imagine how bad it is in border states.

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 10:58 AM  

  • Elizabeth,

    I tend to agree with you on the first few points. However, the politicians understand that people vote in blocks. They are pandering to a larger audience. On the money side, this is exactly why they want a guest worker program that provides for a lower minimum wage. They are finally realizing that they can't just have 11 million people in the country with no current papers. But they have waited WAY too long, content to turn the other cheek and not have to address the issue.

    What gets lost in all of this is that the US is now so dependent on this cheap labor. This is going to create a bigger and bigger strain on the budget over time. It is borring from the future. It is a good deal now. You get cheap labor that you didn't have to pay to raise or train. But later, when they retire, they will have to be cared for, so this is borring from the future in essesence. You know these people will not have a portfolio to get them through the later years.

    This is why they want a guest worker program. You can legitimize the labor, get around the minimum wage, and you can regulate the flow of immigrants through licensing. Then, when they no longer qualify, you can send them back. You don't have to let them vote, or have guns, or any real rights that they do not want to give them. They are not citizens.

    This is what Bush wants, and people are not going to take it. It is a serious problem, and these demonstrations show that even if they can't vote, immigrants can make their presence felt.

    The saddest thing is how dependent America has become on immigrant labor. It has happened over and over again throughout history, but this time it may have gone too far.


    The economy is so dependent on this labor that no matter how bad people think things are now, if the illegal immigrants were to disappear, it would be shear chaos.

    You are right, America is going to have to pay. They are going to have to find a way to integrate most of these people, some will have to be sent home, and others let in. But in the end, it will be the taxpayer, and not the corportation, who will pay the ultimate cost for this cheap labor. That is why the politicians have let this happen.

    It is pretty clear where their allegiance lies.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 4:27 PM  

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