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Monday, September 11, 2006

911 Remembered

I think there is little to say five years after the horrific day that changed the world as we knew it.....except this.

It is high time that the person ultimately responsible for this attack to be brought to justice.

The friends and families of those who died deserve at least that.


  • To what do you atribute the hold up?

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 5:54 PM  

  • Poor policy.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 7:51 PM  

  • Elaborate

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 8:04 PM  

  • Not doing what it takes to get Bin Laden.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 8:19 PM  

  • Specifically turning over operations to an underprepared (although being underprepared is an aside) NATO force to concentrate on Iraq.

    This in fact now proves the "Iraq-as-a-distraction" theory.

    The president promised five years ago to do "absolutely everything possible to bring these people to justice."

    Can you honestly say that turning over operations in Afghanistan to NATO to fight the Taliban while Bin Laden sits pretty in Pakistan is doing "everything possible."

    I'd be laughing if I wasn't so saddly disappointed. Rarely have I wanted to see a man brough to justice so badly.

    I think the president has let us down on this one thing more than any other. Forget the rest: this is unforgivable.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 8:47 PM  

  • We got Saddam. That's close, isn't it?

    BTW, I love the concision of the first four comments - quite hemingwayesque.

    By Blogger reality-based educator, at 2:43 AM  

  • RBE,

    I probably should have left it there.

    What is Saddam? A consolation prize?

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 12:31 PM  

  • As was said by a German general whose name I have forgotten:

    "No plan survives contact with the enemy"

    And while we have not captured the man himself (last time anyone made a big deal about the capture of one man on your blog, you foisted the bromide; "yea, hatred dies with one man”) his organization is disintegrating and with it the hatred that it breeds. Ironically as it turns out the war in Iraq is Al-Qaeda’s “Vietnam” and not the other way around as the left insinuates. The desperation can be found in this letter from Zawahiri to Zarqawi. For anyone interested the text can be found here.

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 5:29 PM  

  • Field Marshall Helmuth Graf von Moltke (Ocober 6, 1800-April 24, 1891)

    By Anonymous Raven Quickskill, at 10:46 PM  

  • pt, exactly! Saddam's a consolation prize! If you can't get the real thing...

    By Blogger reality-based educator, at 1:04 AM  

  • Oh Arch, you are so sadly mistaken. Thank you Mr. Quicksill for the source of the quote. It should be noted that this quote is often misunderstood as meaning that battle plans are unnecessary. Quite the opposite as far as von Molke was concerned. Indeed, being the brilliant strategist as he was, he valued greatly an obscene number of contigency plans to account for as many eventualities as might occur.

    This is in stark contrast to the baffonery of the present adminsitration who throws up its arms at each roadblock claiming, "we were wrong and now we don't know what to do.....except stay the course."

    Desperation my ass. They are having some setbacks, but if you think about how well a small organization that has less than 1% of the resources that the allied coalition has (by any measure: money, equipment, technology, men, ....) has held out for the last 5 years since we vowed to bring them to justice, any sane person would say they are winning or at least escaping the punishment that they deserve.

    Their setback pale in comparison to those which the most powerful nation on earth is experiencing. They are laughing all the way to Pakistan and there is absolutely dick being done about it.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 1:27 AM  

  • I read the letter by the way. Propaganda. I guess you have a hard time recongnizing it no matter who propogates it.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 1:30 AM  

  • So you are saying that the letter is propoganda?

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 5:53 AM  

  • I mean that I don't believe it is authentic.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 8:00 AM  

  • ....and even if it is, it is just propaganda: it proves nothing.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 8:04 AM  

  • So if it's not authentic, than where did it come from?


    Propaganda? This observation coming from the person who argued for days that Fahrenheit 9/11 was not a propaganda piece before coming around?

    Assuming for one minute that the piece is authentic and not propaganda, what is contained in the letter that is so frightening to the left? What message is conveyed in this letter that the left is so unwilling to acknowledge?

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 3:46 PM  

  • You tell me.

    We are off topic.

    If you want me to take this issue up, address my charges in the earlier comments first and I'll consider it.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 9:51 PM  

  • We are not off topic at all. You said that the person who was responsible for 9/11 needed to be brought to justice and that that was the least we could do for the friends and families of those who died.

    I merely pointed out that in spite of the fact that we haven’t got Bin Laden himself we have inflicted severe damage to his organization and provided proof of it. Since you don’t like the proof you dismiss it as “propaganda”.

    Now tell me, what in the letter frightens you?

    I don’t care if you take me up on this issue as I am complete in my own thoughts about it, but other readers might be curious. It’s your choice.

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 6:49 AM  

  • The vow was not to damage his organization; it was to bring him to justice.

    I don't know what your point about the letter is. I'm not frightened by it in any way. I think it proves nothing, authentic or not.

    I'm glad your thinking is complete.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 8:13 AM  

  • So when he is brought to justice will you defend it as a great triumph?

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 4:00 PM  

  • Absolutely

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 8:47 AM  

  • Good

    By Anonymous Arch Stanton, at 3:22 PM  

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