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Monday, April 03, 2006

Moussauoi Faces Death

As Moussauoi continues on the fast-track to execution, one must assume that being put to death is his goal. I'm borrowing this idea from Roger at XDA.

Essentially, as the article points out, he changed his story from one that would not have been eligible for death, to one that is.

And if you are trying to save yourself, do you say this to the 12 people who will decide your fate?

"You'll never get my blood, God curse you all"

Probably not.

This is a little like Brer Rabbit being slung into the briar patch, in that by punishing him with death, he is getting what he apparently wants. Moreover, the people more directly responsible for the atrocity of 911 are probably more than happy to part with their cohort in return for the symbolic value of the would-be execution.

And what a symbol he will be. An unstable, angry, disaffected, Moraccan with EU (French) citizenship who was willing to sign up with anyone who would help him kill Americans, Europeans, and anyone else who happened to be around, will now be the poster-boy for wanna-be Al-Qaeda.

Take a good look kids. This is what happens when you fill your heart with hate.

He would be the first, and would most likely remain, the only person to be executed as punishment for their involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

If he manages to acquire that dishonorable distiction, he will unfortunately, be remembered forever.


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