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Friday, October 06, 2006

Are they at it Again ?

Mlada Fronta Dnes reports
that "Extremists planned mass Prague murders."

According to the story, Islamic terrorists planned to kidnap large numbers of Jews at the local synagogue. They made it sound like all the tourist who go there were Jewish and thus there would be plenty of people for the taking. The level of detail about the plan that was released makes it seem pretty unbelievable. It was a clear suicide mission.

If you have been there, as I have, you would know that it is a tourist area flooded with people from all over the world. There is no visable Jewish Orthodox contigent that I have seen. Basically, just normal people everywhere having a look at a very historically significant sight. But let's assume for a minute it was real.

First of all, the way the government denies the report from an unknown source leads you to believe that it is true. They will not respond out of policy and the PM had this to say..

"Concurrent with the government decision, I only continue to insist that the measures and the extent of information supplied to the public were, and are in proportion to the information obtained (by intelligence officials) and to the threat."

So basically, yea, something like what was in the paper. Let's also remember that these are the same intelligence officers who placed Mohammad Atta in a meeting with a former Iraqi Inteligence officer in front of Radio Free Europe and have never opened up their official information despite a 9/11 inquiry into their outrageous claim.

Here is what we actually do know. Princ Dobrosi, an Albanian ex-drug kingpin from Kosovo met this summer with Arfan Qaeder Bhatti. As reported in the Prague Monitor, Bhatti is a Pakistani with a Norwegian passport who was arrested last week engaging in an act of terrorism.... in Oslo. So at the exact same time, Prague goes on alert and Dobrosi is brought in for questioning.

Dobrosi and Bhatti did time together up in Norway. Dobrosi escaped, got caught in Prauge, and was eventually released from Norwegian prison. He admits to meeting Bhatti. He even admitts that he thought Bhatti wanted to get in on his cigarette scheme. He says he was surprised at the visit because there was no criminal behavior on the mind. He said he just wanted to see how he lived.

This I don't buy either. I figured he tried to talk Dobrosi into doing something, but Dobrosi has a wife and kids, he is an ex-gangster. Now he is just a common criminal. He lives here, which tells you a little about him. He is the smiling type, even when he is getting arrested (great footage on the TV). At the end of the interview he said, "look I'm no saint but a terrorist, come on, that is a little much."

He had invited the camera crew into his house, and they went to Kosovo to see where his house used to be. He said it was a big villa. All the other houses around were in tact modest homes that clearly predated the bombing. Then there was a hole where his house used to be. (Precision bombing) He shrugged and said, "So now, I have nothing."

But he does have a wife and two kids and a modest home outside of Prague. Let me tell you, for someone who has lived the life he has, he doesn't want to mess it up. This is not a young idealist, this is a guy trying to enjoy what he has left of his life.

He is not under arrest.

Prague is still on alert.


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