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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some Quick Bits

So the Dow is down nearly 200 points today. That is a total of 400 points down since Friday's close. This is still a drop in the bucket. What did I say yesterday? Oh yeah, 1,000 point drop is in the cards in the coming months. Well, 800 to go now. I'm still tickled pink that what I knew last summer, the professionals are realizing now. Forget about a rate cut. If anything, worry about a hike.


Putin suggested putting the missile defense system in Azerbaijan. Brilliant move on Putin's part. He offered to cooperate on a system that would be much more effective against Iran in a location that Russia has access to by way of treaty. Even Hadley admits this makes sense. President Bush?


I'm getting much more quality hits. I'm pretty lazy about checking my meter, but since I don't pay and can only look back on the last 100 hits, I have to check every other day to keep up. For some reason Google is rating me pretty high on some quite general searches like "Czech Missiles" for instance. I am getting a visit from the Naval Ocean Systems in Washington DC pretty regularly now. Not via searches either. They have me bookmarked apparently. Welcome, whoever you are. Leave a comment sometime. Also, the EU commission in Brussels checked me out for about five minutes yesterday. I hope they come back.

I guess my persistence is starting to pay off. Maybe I should do some advertising..... Nah!

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  • Putin is a fox, he threw that zinger out there and blew everyone else off the floor. Now to see how this admin wiggles out of it without looking deliberately uncooperative.
    Blogs are funny things, seems like you are talking to yourself for months, then all of a sudden, people start to show up to the party. I found you through one of my sister's blogs (Last One Speaks). I had to come "Czech" you out since you are where I want to be. I figured I'd find a European perspective on issues which keeps me from getting totally disgusted with the endless US drivel. I think you will find that your readership will grow expotentially.

    By Anonymous rockync, at 1:02 AM  

  • PT,

    "Brilliant move on Putin's part."

    Much more rational than testing the defensive system. Good on him! He's choosing to act instead of react.

    By Anonymous Stephanie, at 3:21 AM  

  • If it's not a commercial enterprise, your homeowner's insurance should cover any suit related to your hobby. Not that you say anything that would get you in trouble.

    By Blogger Roger Fraley, at 4:26 AM  

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