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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Israel Strikes Palestinian Compound

It is unclear what the purpose of this srike was.

Reading the article leaves me wondering if the rocket attacks by Palestinians that preceded this retaliation actually came from the presidential compound that was struck. Israel generally engages in these types of strikes as a direct response to a rocket attack. Does this mean that the Palestinians are launching missles from inside the presidential compound?

This final sentence in the article seems to me to be the most significant.

"Palestinian security sources said the air strike was the first targeting one of its security compound in two years."

Unfortunately, this sounds like escalation. I can not see what Isreal hopes to gain from this.

It could be said that those who launch rockets from Palestine are trying to derail any negotiations with Isreal. They probably want war, and are hell-bent on Isreal's destruction. In this context, at least I can understand why they foolishly lob rockets on innocent people.

But honestly, assuming the Palestinians are not launching rockets from inside their own presidential compound, why would Israel pick this as a target? They gain nothing from this action.


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