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Monday, April 17, 2006


If the idea of a "suicide clinic" runs counter to your religious beliefs (or just your better sensibilities), a Swiss lawyer's plans to open a chain of such clinics probably doesn't go over well with you at all.

TIMESONLINE reported yesterday that,

"Ludwig Minelli, founder of the Dignitas clinic in Zurich says he wants to open a chain of high street-style centres to end the lives of people with illnesses or mental conditions such as chronic depression."

Who does not qualify for "treatment" at one of Mr. Minelli's centers?

"We never say no," said Minelli in an interview, although he did qualify his statement by pointing out that a person who has been clinically depressed for 10 years would qualify and a person suffering from a bout of acute depression would not.

Personally, I support a person's decision to end their own life. A person's choice to commit suicide is a personal one that involves themselves, their family, their doctor, and their Maker. Period.

There shouldn't be government interference.

But this guy is really pushing the boundry of common sense by making the clinics high-profile. In essense, he is thrusting his morality (or lack thereof) into the public eye, challenging people to look at the issue critically. One has to wonder if he hasn't gone too far when the pro-euthanasia group, Dignity in Dying, does not condone his actions.

“We are campaigning on behalf of people who are terminally ill and mentally competent,” a spokesman said. “That way you can assure you are not harming vulnerable people.”

Seems reasonable enough to me.


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