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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Poor Halliburton

Ann Coulter reports that Halliburton is losing money feeding the troops. Now Ann hasn't figured out permalinks yet (maybe she should ask a liberal), so this link will only get you to her homepage. Her April 5, 2006 article declares....

Even proud American corporations find their names being turned into curse words by liberals, such as "Halliburton," which is currently losing money in Iraq in order to supply food to our troops — you know, the same troops liberals pretend to love (but don't lose money feeding).

Now Halliburton may indeed be losing money on the delivery of food to the soldiers, but as any contractor knows, you lose money on certain parts of a contract to get the whole contract. And get the whole contract they did. So how is poor Halliburton doing on the whole?

How does $2.4 billion in profits for 2005 sound to you? Almost half of that profit was in the fourth quarter. Ann is right: liberals should be ashamed of themselves for not making these type of sacrifices.

If only poor Halliburton wasn't burdened with feeding our troops! What sacrifice! What patriotism!

I really shouldn't read Ann. It brings out the liberal in me.


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