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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Syriana Review

I went to see Syriana last night (yes, it finally made it to the Czech Republic). I liked the movie, but I had some serious problems with it.

What was good about the movie is that these key points were made.

1. The CIA employs some shady people
2. The oil business is run by insiders.
3. The US government is a party to this.
4. There are way too many people out of work worldwide.
5. The killing that the US does is coming back in the form of terrorism.

I think it is important that people think about these things. If this movie helped people think about these things, then it was worth it. Having said that, I had some problems with the movie.

First of all, it was pretty boring. A little more action or sex might have helped ticket sales and thus spread the message of the film to a wider audience. There had been a story about an American woman (former beauty queen) who became a very expensive ($1 million for a weekend) call girl for one of the Emirs in the original script, but it got cut. That might have helped.

Secondly, the scene with the boy dieing in the pool seemed unnecessary. It seemed like it was just for shock value. Cheap, and ineffective.

Thirdly, the scenes wherein the players are talking business and economics are poorly written. They are too complex for the average person, and they are not accurate enough for those of us who are really interested in these things. I had to cringe several times when they said things that just weren't right. At the same time, I'm sure there were plenty of people saying, "Huh?"

Essentially, there was a lot of Hollywood crap in the movie, but Clooney was great, and if it opened someone's eyes to what the hell is going on, then it was worth making and worth seeing.

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