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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Klaus Denies Global Warming

I for one had been anticipating Klaus' speech at the UN. Today, he presented his arguments but he certainly hedged his bets. (you can read the entire speech here).

Klaus has become perhaps the most prominent world figure to officially challenge the existence of anthropomorphic global warming. But far from denying it outright, yesterday's speech simply challenged the notion that anthropomorphic global warming is a foregone conclusion. In fact, he seems to hold the same disregard for those who are certain that global warming is not caused by man, or doesn't exist at all (like you Roger). Here is a quote to explain what I mean:

An impartial observer must accept the fact that both sides of the dispute – the believers in man’s dominant role in recent climate changes, as well as the supporters of the hypothesis about their mostly natural origin – offer arguments strong enough to be listened to carefully by the non-scientific community. To prematurely proclaim the victory of one group over another would be a tragic mistake and I am afraid we are making it.

I have to admit, I can't stand foregone conclusions, including those about the superiority of our current economic system over all others.

Suspicion and doubt are healthy. One should always be wary of those who are so sure of themselves that they have lost the ability to even consider the other side of the argument.



  • There are always those able deny reality. The reality is surely not climate change, but thee is obvious argument over cause.
    For all that, natural cycles or otherwise, it is surely prudent to mitigate against the trend.

    By Blogger Cartledge, at 1:46 AM  

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    By Blogger Leenie, at 6:42 AM  

  • I don't deny that it's about a degree warmer F since 1850 in the Northern Hemisphere, or at least where the thermometers were placed. But the Northern Hemisphere is only half the world, as you well know. I'll read the speech and get back to you if anything jumps out. Thanks for posting it. There's no coverage of it on the sources I read regularly.

    By Blogger Roger Fraley, at 5:05 PM  

  • Pages of many web site contains global warming pictures. But that pictures not give enough information of global warming. Global Warming myth is very deep ozone has doubled since the mid-19th century due to chemical emissions from vehicles, industrial processes and the burning of forests, the British climate researchers wrote.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:50 PM  

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