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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lazyboy Lyrics

Want to laugh about things that are kind of serious? If you appreciate Daily Show humor, you might like this.

Here is a taste:

Why is marijuana not legal? Why is marijuana not legal?
It's a natural plant that grows in the dirt.
Do you know what's not natural?
80 year old dudes with hard-ons. That's not natural.
But we got pills for that.
We're dedicating all our medical resources to keeping the old guys erect,
but we're putting people in jail for something that grows in the dirt?




  • Greg Giraldo is great. I don't really like his comedy set to music, however.

    By Blogger Graeme, at 7:02 PM  

  • Definitely appeals to my slightly twisted sense of humor.

    By Anonymous rockync, at 7:42 PM  

  • With the balance of Congressional power now in the hands of Democrats you would have thought the first leglislation Nancy Pelosi would have attempted to pass would have been a bill to legalize marijuana.

    Surprisingly, it wasn't on the agenda. For all the talk on this topic, the liberals have done nothing to legalize, or at least decriminalize drug use. Why is that?

    Meanwhile, despite dispassionate assessements by people like economist Milton Friedman, who advocated for the decriminalizaton of drugs, the US has not moved very far on this issue.

    You might ask yourself why.

    Do you really believe blacks who vote would support drug legalization?

    Do you really believe people with children would support legislation to legalize drugs?

    Do you believe older Americans would support legalization of recreational drugs?

    Never happen. As contradictory as their positions may be, and as unsuccessful as drug-use laws have been, voters insanely continue to support the concept that all it takes to keep drugs out of US communities is enough law enforcement.

    Politicians have ZERO incentive to challenge the mistaken beliefs of voters. Meanwhile, the Baby-Boomer parents seem to have forgotten their youthful exploits. The majority seem to favor keeping drugs illegal.

    It is said that Social Security is a third-rail issue for politicians. Well, drug legalization is too. In black communities, where alarming percentages of the population have drug and alcohol problems, there is no desire among residents to take a step that many believe would increase the problem.

    From the perspective of black voters in troubled neighborhoods, drug legalization looks like a white plot to harm blacks.

    The very few black politicians who have supported drug decriminalization have disappeared from the scene. Former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke -- he's black -- dealt with soaring crack problems and concluded the only way to save the black community was to vastly change drug laws. His dream failed.

    You need to update your understanding of the calculus of politics.

    By Anonymous no_slappz, at 2:10 PM  

  • First of all, N/s, I don't support the Democrats, despite the labels you try to hang on me.

    For all the talk from the right about conservative principles, you don't see any right leaning politicians taking up the issue either, do you?

    For all the talk about conservative principles, you don't Republicans doing anything about fiscal responsibility, do you?

    They are all hypocrites in my view. But hey, what do you expect when you dumb down the populace to get votes? You get dumb people who just don't get it.

    Despite the claim that legalization will exasperate drug problems, the data disagrees.

    So keep pointing fingers and being part of the problem. You are good at it.

    By Blogger Praguetwin, at 12:37 AM  

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